Parenting Courses


Solihull Parenting Programme

Understanding your child’s behaviour is for all parents and carers. The Solihull programme is for everyone who wants to know more about parenting, to understand their children and understand their children’s behaviour. Solihull is a well established evidence based programme.

This is a 10-week course which normally runs for 2 hours per session and is facilitated by two trained practitioners.

The course will explore issues such as:

  • Having fun together
  • How children develop
  • Exploring feelings
  • Behaviour difficulties
  • How to recover when things go wrong
  • Communicating with your child
  • Parenting styles
  • Sleep patterns
  • Anger and temper tantrums

The Solihull Approach is included in the UK Department of Health’s Healthy Child Programme, in Northern Ireland’s strategy for training health visitors and midwives, in Scotland’s strategy for training health visitors and child practitioners.