How does it work?

Following referral, every family_MG_7638web is assigned to an experienced and qualified Family Support Worker (FSW).

An Assessment of the family’s needs and strengths builds a picture of the current situation and family’s needs. Any existing assessments are updated by our FSW’s observations, views of the family and dialogue with other professionals.

An Action Plan is agreed with the family setting out clear and measurable outcomes.

Fundamental to our success is the ability to build a relationship with the family and to empower them to identify the next steps to a desired future. To this end, we use a Solution-Focused approach. The resulting goals and targets will reflect the priorities of the family as well as those of professionals.

During each home visit, successes and barriers are discussed with the family and the goals for the next few days are set. While we will challenge families as necessary, the long term effectiveness of our intervention will be optimised by enabling families to identify their highest priorities, to decide upon their next steps, to have ownership of the changes they need to make and to have the tools they need to sustain positive change into the future.

Reviews monitor progress against the action plan every six weeks. We will seek the input of the other professionals involved with the family to help us assess interim impact and to refine our intervention in response to any changes.


A Safe Service

Critical to running a safe service is the quality of family support. To this end, each FSW receives regular individual case supervision that ensures that:

  • progress is monitored by a third party and all decisions are independently scrutinised;
  • our safeguarding procedures are extremely robust and adhered to.